Salem HSA Class Parent 2017-18 Application
Volunteering to be a class parent is a fun and exciting way to be part of the Salem Community. We welcome and encourage everyone's application.

Please read the Guidelines and Responsibilities below.

** PLEASE NOTE: Class Parent selection cannot be made until after the class lists have been finalized and we are notified of class assignments (after the 3rd week in August). If you are selected to be a class parent, you will be notified prior to the beginning of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Cara Hristoforatos at

** PLEASE NOTE: There are circumstances when an individual is chosen to be a class parent consecutively and this arises when we have classes that do not have volunteers.

Email address

OPEN HOUSE: You email your class to inform and and remind them of the date and time of Open House and the collection of classroom dues.

CLASSROOM DUTIES: You will have the opportunity to meet with your teacher at the beginning of the school year to review what is expected. Please be mindful and inclusive of all parents in the class throughout the school year.

COMMITTEE PARTICIPATION: You need to volunteer on at least one committee throughout the year.

BUDGET VOTE: You will be asked to communicate the importance of the School Budget Vote and by passing out flyers.

ART SHOW: You asked to help set up for the art show in May. This includes displaying the artwork and creating signs.

4th GRADE CLASS PARENTS ONLY: You will be asked to help with the 5th grade graduation by purchasing water bottles for the kids and balloons.

5th GRADE CLASS PARENTS ONLY: You will be asked to work with your class to be responsible for chairing the 5th grade events (5th Grade Fundraiser; Spirit Night; End of the Year Party, etc.). A special meeting with the Class Parent VP in the beginning of the year is required to establish guidelines.

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