Volunteer COVID-19 Oath of Personal Responsibility
Thank you for volunteering with Grow It Green Morristown. Please answer the following questions before your volunteer shift. If anything changes on the day of your shift, please email volunteer@growitgreenmorristown.org. Stay well and thank you for your support!
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Please provide volunteer's first and last name. *
Please provide your or guardian's (if completing for a child) email in case a Grow It Green staff member needs to get a hold of you. *
Please provide a number that you or guardian can be contacted at in case a Grow It Green staff member needs to reach you. *
Do you or anyone in your household currently have COVID-19? *
Do you currently have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.)? *
Have you traveled outside NJ to another country or to a state currently on the CDC travel advisory list in the last 14 days? *
If I have answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, I will email volunteer@growitgreenmorristown.org to reschedule. I am aware of the potential spread of COVID-19 that could result in severe illness and potential death, and that my and my family's actions may affect the health of those around me. I will, to the best of my ability, practice proper social distancing while at Grow It Green Morristown's sites as recommended by health department directives, as well as practice good hygiene (handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, wearing of a mask when required, etc.) and follow other health recommendations. I will follow NJ and CDC mask wearing guidelines for the entirety of time during my shift. I certify that I and my household members or people that I have been knowingly been in contact with are not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. *
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