Buddy Up Program
The Buddy Up program strives to create friendships between young adults with and without disabilities and is part of the EDCJCC Inclusion and Disabilities programming in partnership with EntryPointDC. Please complete this form if you are interested in being paired with a buddy.

There are two options, the first is being paired with a drop-in buddy. You will be paired with a buddy who has signed up to attend our social programs such as cooking, bowling and game night. The other option is to be paired with a year-long buddy, which will focus on building one on one relationships within a larger peer group and you and your buddy will be required to attend a certain number of social programs and correspond with each other on a regular basis. Social programs are held 2-3 times per month.

These programs are part of the Inclusion Programs at the EDCJCC: Programming for Individuals with All Abilities. For information and details regarding accessibility and accommodations, or to learn more, please contact Stacey Herman at staceyh@edcjcc.org or 202-777-3276.

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