CCI Experienced Co-Counselor Workshop
Thank you for your interest in Co-Counseling International!  Begun 40 years ago, and governed by consensus, CCI communities are now found in the US, Europe, New Zealand and Israel.  See our website, for more information about our community.

Right now, we are not offering fundamentals workshops for beginners.  We are offering workshops for experienced co-counselors (see below).   To be on the mailing list for fundamentals workshops in the San Francisco area, email  For New York City, email
Workshops for Experienced Co-Counselors
We are frequently contacted by people who have learned co-counseling in one of the many wonderful co-counseling communities that have evolved over the past few decades. These workshops have been developed to help experienced co-counselors learn more about CCI.
What Will You Get Out of This Workshop?
*You’ll get some sessions!

     No good co-counseling workshop would be complete without plenty of time for you to session.  You’ll not only get to session during the workshop, you’ll also get to meet other counselors with whom you can immediately set up future sessions.
*You’ll look at some of CCI’s basic theory

     While co-counseling communities tend to have much in common, there are a few differences.  You’ll learn more CCI’s take on various aspects of theory.
*You’ll learn about and experiment with a few of CCI’s basic techniques

     Again, most CC communities have much in common. You’ll get to learn more about CCI’s take on certain co-counseling strategies.
*You’ll familiarize yourself with the basic structure of CCI

     Every community has its own governance model.  You’ll get to learn about how CCI operates.
Upcoming Workshops in the SF Bay Area and NYC:
When:  January 8, 2017 (SF Bay Area) and January 14, 2017 (NYC)
Time:  9-5
Where: TBD
Fee:  $50-150, sliding scale
To register, first answer the questions below.

Jennifer Joy
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