"Wade Into Deeper Waters": TAASA 2018 Conference - Request for Workshop Proposals
The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) is excited to announce a call for workshop proposals for our 2018 annual conference in South Padre Island, Texas, April 30 – May 2, 2018. TAASA’s annual conference brings together interdisciplinary professionals and activists to share information, advance learning opportunities, and support professional growth for those working in the anti-sexual violence and related fields.

The theme of the conference is “Wade Into Deeper Waters.” We invite 90-minute workshop proposals that broaden our knowledge and commitment to ending sexual violence and expand the boundaries of the movement. Presentations should consist of intermediate and advanced concepts that “go beneath the surface” from defining the problem to posing creative and transformative solutions. Proposals should focus on the importance of sexual violence-specific programs and services, highlight culturally resonant approaches, and offer actionable solutions to systemic barriers for survivors. If your workshop will be presented in Spanish, please complete a Spanish Request for Proposal here.

Proposals will be considered based on the following criteria in the sexual violence field:
* Content reflects best practices for services and/or prevention
* Session supports critical conversations to advance the field
* Content is aligned with the conference theme
* Session includes use of mixed learning methods, as appropriate
* Learning objective are clear, strong, and relevant
* Content displays an intersectional approach

Proposals will be considered in the following categories:

* Prevention – workshop submissions in the prevention category should describe efforts to strengthen and engage communities in the prevention of sexual violence, with an emphasis on primary prevention; proposals should draw on the best available research and/or prevention practices and include information about the impact of featured efforts.

* Systems Advocacy – workshop submissions in the systems advocacy category may include best practices for advocacy and direct services, accessing resources, systems change advocacy for more survivor-centered services, systems challenges and collaborative ways of overcoming those challenges, systems failures, regional approaches to direct services, and specific techniques and strategies for working with marginalized communities.

* Policy and Legal – workshop submissions in the policy and legal category should incorporate effective strategies, ideas or policy analysis for enhancing a survivor’s access to legal justice. Topics may be focused on law enforcement investigations and prosecutions, evidence-gathering for trial (i.e. forensic exams), survivors’ legal and civil rights and remedies, and increasing collaboration among disciplines (such as through SARTs, MDTs, human trafficking coalition task forces, etc.) in order to assist survivors in civil and/or criminal justice processes.

* Social Justice – workshop submissions in this category should focus on addressing the impacts of and responses to systemic violence based on race, ethnicity, ability, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, etc.; proposals can include anti-racism work, community organizing, anti-oppression, reproductive justice, etc.

Electronic submissions must be received by 11:59 PM (CST) on Monday, October 30th. Notices of acceptance for workshop proposals will be sent to the primary presenter by December 1, 2017. For each workshop session, only the primary presenter will receive one (1) discounted conference registration rate of $150.00. TAASA will not reimburse for any other expenses, such as travel or lodging, incurred by the selected presenter(s) for each workshop. If you encounter any difficulty using this form, please contact mgeorge@taasa.org.

Upon completion of your Request for Proposal you will receive a confirmation and PDF copy of your submission. Please enter the address where you want this confirmation email to be sent below.

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Each room will be equipped with a power cart, projector, and screen. LAPTOPS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. We cannot guarantee that the workshop spaces will have WiFi/internet access. Please consider loading any audio/visuals you need for your presentation onto your laptop. Please read and check the boxes below to acknowledge you have read and understand these terms.
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