Template for Resolutions for DSA's 2017 National Convention
Use this template when proposing a resolution; if you do not, the Resolutions Committee will ask you to put your resolution into this template. In advance of the convention, the committee will work with one or two lead contact people to clarify resolution language or to combine resolutions of similar content. This negotiation will streamline our work at the convention.

Deadline for submission is July 14th, 2017.
Email to resolutions@dsausa.org

Name(s) and Local(s) of those proposing the resolution who will serve as lead contact(s):
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Email addresses of the lead contact(s):
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Phone number(s):
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Financial/Budgetary Implications for DSA: What, if any, limited local and national resources would we devote to this issue or to educational activities? For example, if possible, please estimate how much would this cost and how much staff time you imagine this proposal taking?
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Please answer the following in two distinct sections:
Statement of Action: Brief statement of the action mandated by the resolution: What organizing and tactics would carry out the resolution (how do we organize around this concern)?
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The Rationale: Statement of why this resolution is being proposed (Motivation for the Resolution)
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