USA Freestyle Kayaking Committee Election
It is time to elect two individuals on the National Steering Committee who will serve from 2016 - 2019! They will serve along with five committee members who are now serving 2015-2018 terms. Note: we'll ask for your USACK number below as a confirmation that your membership is current. If your membership has lapsed, your votes won't count. Voting ends Thursday, February 11th.
Candidate #1 - Jordan Poffenberger has competed in both freestyle and slalom for over 10 years. He has been the Junior Series National Champ in 2012. He was World Champion in OC1 and C1 at the 2013 Worlds, C1 Silver Medalist at the 2014 World Cup in Europe as well as C1 National Champ. More importantly, he was team captain for the European World Cups in 2014, where he was responsible for all the team captain duties - evidently there were many. He's judged many events and is both a certified national judge and ICF certified judge. He's a strong and vocal advocate for Freestyle and would be a great representative for the sport. Jordan's photo is below.
Candidate #2 - Ned Poffenberger: "I have been a part of freestyle and slalom, since my son Jordan became interested in it at age 6 and we attended the local Chute Out events on the Potomac River. I have helped out, timed and judged slalom races and lower level freestyle events for 10 or so years. I passed the US judging test that the Jacksons conducted roughly six years ago at FIBArk with limitations, but I believe I have improved my judging ability since that time. I have attended most, if not all of the Colorado spring competitions since Jordan started going to them and actually competed once or twice, myself, and I attended the Worlds in Thune and Plattling. This “helping” culminated in my volunteering to be US Team manager this past year at the Ottawa Worlds. It was a great experience to have as much of a positive impact on our team paddlers as I could: it taught me a lot about the international Freestyle – the efforts and programs of the other nations that attended. I met so many people that are having a positive effect and have a positive vision of what Freestyle can become. I’d like to continue to do my part as a member of the US Freestyle Committee. Thank you for your consideration. (Ned's photo is below.)
Candidate #3 - Stephen Wright: "I'd like to be elected to serve on the USAFK Committee again. I've been a member of the committee for 4 years. I've also helped to organize 2015 Team Trials at Glenwood Springs, CO and the 2013 USA National championships at Newport, TN for the Freestyle Committee. I've competed, judged, announced, or coached at every World Championships since 2005. Among other things, I'm the 4-time USA National Freestyle Kayak Champion. I'm committed to continuing to work to help promote freestyle kayaking in America, and help us plan and run great events here. I'd love to be given the opportunity to serve another term on our committee." (Stephen's photo is below.)
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