Meeting Room Reservation (Singapore Only)
Meeting Room Reservation and Usage Rules & Regulations

A) Meeting Room Reservation:
1) Meeting room open for usage 7 days a week from 10:00am – 10:00pm, except every Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00pm
2) maximum capacity is 250 pax.
3) The Company reserved the rights to reject/ close for reservation without prior notice.
4) Reservation must be written to Customer Service Dept via CSS or walk-in to CS counter at BE HQ. Phone reservation
will not be entertained.
5) Reservations must be made 7 working days prior to the actual meeting date and cannot be booked for more than two months. For example: On January 1st, reservation is allowed for meetings between January 8th and February 28th.
6) Only DCA ranking and above is allowed to make reservation.
7) The below information is needed during reservation:

a. IBO’s Name & IBO ID
b. Number of Pax
c. Purpose of meeting
d. Date and time of the meeting
e. Please state the equipment you require: Projector, table (please state how many unit)

B) Rules & Regulations:

1) Each meeting room only allows to use up to the maximum of 4 hours (from reservation time). If you wish to extend
the hour, please inform Customer Service Representative.
2) Cancellation must be notified by CSS 3 working days prior to the meeting. Without any written cancellation is
equivalent to an absence and the company has the right to make the conference room available to other leaders.
3) The requester is required to be arrived at the office 30 minutes before the meeting start to register and collect the
room key.
4) The company will allocate the suitable room according to the capacity and usage of the reservation.
5) If the following issues arise during the use of the meeting room, the company will blacklist the network and reserves
the right to for compensation:

a. Did not follow the rules of the meeting room/ hall usage;
b. Absence for 3 times and above;
c. Misuse of the meeting hall/ room;

6) The company will not be responsible for any damage, loss of property or damage to the attendees during the use of
the meeting room. However, the company will reserve the right to pursue and claim for compensation from the
7) No food and drinks are allowed to bring in to the meeting room.
8) No littering.
9) No kid, infant or pet is allowed to enter to the meeting hall/ room.
10) Before you leave the hall/ room, please ensure you switch off all the electrical appliances including lights, air-
conditionals, fans (if any), projector, shut off the water filter piping (if any), etc. Otherwise, a penalty of $50.00 will
be imposed.
11) After the meeting, please arrange the tables and chairs (back to the original layout before it changed) and ensure the
room is clean and tidy.

For any enquiry, please call +603-8605 8500 (M’sia)/ +65-6957 8500 (S’pore)/ +673-737 8500 (Brunei) or log in to .

BE International Marketing Sdn. Bhd.


A) 会议室申请方式:
1) 本公司的会议室每日开放使用。 使用时间为上午10时至晚上10时。每个星期二及星期四傍晚六时后不开放预订。
2) 最多可容入250 人一场。
3) 本公司保留拒绝或关闭会议室使用的权利而无需事先通知。
4) 所有预订必须通过CSS写给客服部,或者在BE总部客服部门办理。电话预订将不受理。
5) 预订必须在实际会议日期7个工作日以前申请,并且不能预订超过两个月以上的会议。如: 在1月1日只能预订1月8日至
6) 只允许DCA阶级或以上预订。
7) 预订时需提供以下资料:
a) 预订者的名称和会员编号
b) 人数
c) 会议目的
d) 会议日期和时间
e) 请注明所需要的器材, 投影幕, 桌子等等

B) 会议室使用规则:

1) 会议室使用时间最多4小时(从预订时间算起)。若想使用超过4个小时,请向客服部提早申请。
2) 取消预订必须在会议前3个工作日以CSS通知。未经书面作取消等同于缺席,公司有权向将该会议室让给其他预订者使
3) 预订者必须在会议开始前30分钟到达公司以便登记和领取房间钥匙。
4) 公司将根据预订的人数和用途分配合适的会议室。
5) 如在使用会议室时出现以下问题,公司将该组织列入预定会议室的黑名单并保留追究及赔偿的权利:
a) 没有遵守会议室使用规则;
b) 缺席3次或以上;
c) 滥用会议室作其它用途。
6) 在使用会议室期间,任何对出席会议者造成的伤害、财物遗失或损坏,公司将不负责。但是,公司将保留一切追究及要
7) 不允许带食物和饮料进入会议室。
8) 不乱丢垃圾, 不准吸烟。
9) 不允许儿童、婴儿或宠物进入会议室。
10) 在使用完毕后, 请确保关掉所有电源,包括灯,空调,风扇(如有),投影器及关闭滤水器的水喉(如有), 否则将
11) 会议结束后, 请将桌椅排好(根据更改前的布置排好), 并保持会议室的干净及整洁。

如有任何询问,请致电 +603-8605 8500(马来西亚)/ +65-6957 8500 (新加坡)/ +673-737 8500 (汶莱)或登录
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