Application to Schedule a FREE “Launchpad To Success” Strategy Session with Adam
Thank you for applying to work with me as your academic coach! I look forward to setting a small amount of time aside each month to meet with families who are considering academic life coaching as a next step to success and review their applications to work with me.

Because my time is limited, and coaching is only successful if the student is a willing participant, I will only consider applications that have been filled out by the student. However, the parent may ALSO fill out this survey so that I can have access to both parties’ perspectives on the issues.

All information is completely private and confidential. I’ll be in touch soon to let you know about next steps!
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For Skype, give the username. For FaceTime, give the relevant email address and/or phone number. For Zoom, simply indicate that the student has Zoom installed on their computer and can use it.
Now, Tell Me More About You...
What are the student's strengths, special skills, hobbies, and interests? *
What activities make you feel happy and energized? Please be as specific and complete as possible. Part of making this process work for you is having more of the good in your life, so I want to know what that is for you.
What is the student's single biggest struggle or challenge with school with which you would like help? *
Please be as specific and complete as possible.The more I know, the more I can figure out the best methods of helping you succeed.
What struggles or challenges in life are contributing to stress at school? *
Sometimes stress in other areas of our lives contributes to our stress at school. Bullying, conflict with a sibling, depression, a recent household move, and other problems can all make school stress worse. It's okay if you're not comfortable sharing details, but the more I know about your stressors, the more I can help you with your school challenges.
What specific issues would you like addressed by academic life coaching? *
Please describe the grades you are currently earning. *
To what extent are these grades causing stress for you?
Why are you serious NOW about taking action to improve your school experience? *
Has the student been tested for learning differences/disabilities? *
If so, please list the date of the testing, the psychologist who did the test, and a few notes about the results of the testing.
Finally: What is YOUR Commitment Level to Your Academic Success?
Please answer these questions from the perspective of the person filling out the form. If you are the STUDENT, what is your commitment level in each of the following areas? If you are the PARENT, what is yours?
How much ENERGY are you willing to put towards your success in school? *
Very low
Very high
How much TIME are you willing to put towards your success in school? *
Very low
Very high
To be answered by the person responsible for paying for coaching: *
People always ask me how much they will need to invest into coaching, so let me take the hype out of it. Realistically, unless you are considering a group program, you should be able to invest between $1500 and $2800 per semester for one-to-one coaching with me. How willing and able are you to make that level of investment without causing undue financial hardship?
Major hardship
No hardship
What else would you like me to know about your situation and/or commitment level before we schedule a meeting?
Would you like to begin receiving my newsletter, which has quick tips about how to study more effectively and links to my longer articles about specific study issues?
If YES, please indicate which email address to send them to. I strongly recommend starting your coaching NOW with this free resource; please know you can unsubscribe any time you need to.
That's All I Need To Know!
When you submit this form, you'll see a second link to schedule your free "Launchpad to Success" session. I look forward to meeting you!
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