Undervolting Community Feedback
This short survey collects some community experiences on Undervolting. Undervolting is often regarded as a niche topic, but we think it is becoming more mainstream. Please help us to collect some data by answered the following questions truthfully. All responses are anonymous.
When was the first time you heard about Undervolting in general? (year)
Have you tried CPU Undervolting on your own PC/Laptop system? *
How satisfied are you with using software tools for CPU Undervolting if your system does not have a BIOS-level CPU Undervolting menu?
If you've never used any of these tools, leave this question empty.
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
Clear selection
If you are not satisfied with software tools for CPU Undervolting, what are the main reasons?
If you've never used any of these tools or if you are very satisfied, feel free to leave this question empty.
How important is for your laptop buying decision to have CPU Undervolting options in the BIOS? *
Not important
Very Important
Who is probably going to be the CPU vendor of your next high-end system?
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What is or was your budget for your most expensive high-end laptop system?
Either past purchase or future buying plan. Please include VAT.
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Change of topic: what are your experiences with Undervolting of dedicated graphics, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce Undervolting?
Thank you!
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