The Highlandtown Preschool--Potential Parents Survey
We're in the middle of renovations and expect to open a new community preschool in either September 2017 or January 2018. To better understand our community's needs, we are collecting contact information to build a database of potential preschool families and we are gathering data on family needs and circumstances.

When complete, the school will accommodate twenty 3-year olds and twenty 4-year olds.

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Neighborhood *
Age(s) of kid(s) as of January 2018
What is the earliest date your child(ren) could start attending the Highlandtown Preschool, should you decide it is a good option for your family?
Program options: Would you be interested in...
Are there any unique circumstances or needs in your family which aren't covered above, and which would help us design a better school?
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How would you respond to a preschool where some part of the classroom conversation is conducted in Spanish as well as English?
How would you most likely bring your students to the school?
What are your plans, if any, for preschool education this coming year?
Demographic Information
We are a non-profit preschool which aims to make high-quality early childhood education accessible to as many different families in our community as possible. These questions are optional, but will help us better serve the needs of our diverse community.
What language is primarily spoken in your home?
What is the highest level of education which the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the potential student(s) achieved?
The median household income in our community is $63,000. Where does your household income fall?
What do you currently pay for childcare or preschool each month, per child?
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