Anthro East Coast 2019 Panel/Event Submission
This is the submission form to host an event/panel during Anthro East Coast 2019!

By submitting this form, it does NOT automatically guarantee your event/panel will take place at AEC. You will be 100% responsible for your event/panel, please refer to our Panel/Event Code of Conduct for more information;

You CANNOT edit your form once it is submitted, any edits must be directed to us as soon as possible via email.
If any questions arise, please contact PRIOR to submitting this form.

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Feel free to say 'I don't know' and we can brainstorm ideas to share with you!
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Please also include if your event accepts fursuits, non-fursuits or both!
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Do you need any assistance with your event? If so, how much/how many people?
Note, this refers to STAFF or VOLUNTEER assistance that we will have to organize (example, our technician setting up equipment, requiring an MC etc-). If you will organize your own volunteers please ignore this!
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Do you require AEC to buy or find any items/materials for your event? If so, what items?
Please remember that AEC has a limited budget, and may consider buying physical items for events depending on how successful we believe the event will be!
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What kind of space do you believe your event requires? *
Is there an ideal time you would prefer your event to be at? *
The first day of Anthro East Coast runs from 12:00pm to 9:00pm. (Note, registration and the dealers den end at 5:00pm, and the dance competition begins at 5:15pm in the main stage)
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How much time do you expect you'll require for your event/panel? *
Please also include set-up/tear-down time. If you are unsure, or don't have a specific time constraint in mind, let us know!
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