Youth Summer League Coaching
Hello! Thank you for considering coaching and/or volunteering for Ultimate Chicago's first ever youth summer club league. The league will be on Saturdays at 10am (u-14) and 12pm (u-19) from June 17th through August 12th. Players will register alone, or with a friend, and administration will draft them onto teams taking geography into account first and skill sets/experience second. We want to build community!

Please indicate if you have ANY interest in coaching or assisting with youth summer club league this year. If you want to coach, but are worried about not being able to attend everything - worry no more! Simply sign up with a couple of friends and you all can piece together coverage, or sign up alone and we will put you with a group of coaches. The goal is to have 2-3 coaches minimum per team so no one feels pressured to be at everything.

Games are on Saturdays and teams may elect to practice during the week in a location near their homes.

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