2018/2019 Timepoint Ensemble Composer Competition
We are excited to announce our inaugural composer competition. Below you will find the rules and regulations, requirements, and application form.

Rules and Regulations:
1. The 2018/2019 competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students attending a post-secondary institution in Southern Alberta as well as all recent graduates of a post-secondary program (must have graduated in the past five years and reside in Southern Alberta).
2. Each composer may submit only one application/concept.
3. Works must use a combination of at least four instruments chosen from the following (Flute. Saxophone, Clarinet, Horn, Percussion, Guitar or Electric Guitar). For Clarinet and Saxophone the will be a single player with access to all of their respected instruments (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari, and. E flat, B Flat/A, Bass Clarinet).
4. Works may include electronics, both live or pre-recorded.
5. The duration of the work should be between 8 - 12 minutes in length.
6. The submitted concept and resulting work must be an original work, not an existing piece.
7. Applicants must submit the following: resume, letter of concept and intention (to include instrumentation and duration), and a letter of recommendation from a composition professor or established composer.

Competition Deadline:
August 19th 2018

Results will be announced the week of August 27th.

For complete details of the competition visit http://www.timepointensemble.com/competition

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Please upload the following in pdf format: resume, letter of intention, letter of recommendation. (If you prefer you can email these documents to timepointsubmission@gmail.com).
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