RS700 End of Season Survey 2017
Welcome to the RS700 End of Season Survey 2017! Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey to enable the Class Association to understand the size, shape and desires of the RS700 sailors; so that we can steer the fleet in the right direction. All RS700 owners (not just Class Association members) are encouraged to complete the survey and I will publish the results in early February 2018. I'd also like to encourage all international RS700 sailors to complete the survey to ensure that the Class Association understands the needs of those based outside the UK. The survey is anonymous and I'll protect the identity of people in the results - so please be honest and open with your feedback!
Sailor Information
In which country do you sail your RS700?
Your answer
How much do you weigh in KGs?
Your answer
How tall are you in centimetres?
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How old are you?
Club Sailing Information
What sailing club do you belong to?
Your answer
How many RS700's are at your sailing club?
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Why did you purchase a RS700?
Is your RS700 your main boat?
How often do you typically sail your RS700?
RS700 Open Events and Championships
What type of events might you attend in 2017?
Select more than one if required
Would you prefer events scheduled over bank holidays?
Would you prefer National and European Championships to be scheduled during school holidays?
The next RS700 European Championship will be held at the National Sailing Academy, Weymouth, United Kingdom, 16-19 Aug 2018. This will be a large multi-fleet (RS) event that will also serve as the UK National Championship. If you are currently not planning on attending is there anything which would encourage you to do so?
Your answer
Apart from your home club, do you have a preferred open meeting location which you would like to see back in the calendar?
Your answer
In order to assist clubs that are hosting RS700 events in 2018 plan, could you indicate which events you are 'likely' to attend?
There is the potential to hold the **2019** European Championship at Lake Garda (Torbole), Italy on the following dates. The entry fee would cost 250 Euro. If you are interested in attending please indicate your preference.
The Boat
This year has seen the introduction of a new generation of RS700 hull which addresses most of the commonly reported shortfalls in the hull structural strength and resiliance. Are there any other design or quality issues with the boat that you would like to bring to the attention of the RS700 Builders Representative?
Your answer
Over the last few years there have been a number of modifications to the boat, such as increasing the Kicker and Forestay Tensioner ratios, and the new style rudder stock. Later this year, Class Association members will be asked to vote on whether they are happy to adopt the RS Aero Style Daggerboard. In addition, across the class there are a number of rigging variations (or 'Bimbles') that could be seen as compromising the 'One-Design' nature of the class. What is your view on this:
Are there any RS700 class rule issues which you would like investigating?
Your answer
Are you satisfied with the RS700 Class Association Website?
Are you aware of the RS700 Sailors Facebook Group?
Are you satisfied with pre-event information and communication?
How would you prefer to receive information from the Class Association?
How would you rate your level of competence in the RS700?
Would you be interested in attending a pre-nationals training day?
Would you be interested in attending a training day at one of the main RS700 clubs?
RS700 Class Association
Are you currently a member of the RS700 Class Association?
Are you aware of the benefits of RS700 Association Membership? (such as 15% of sails and other merchandise)
What initiatives do you believe would encourage greater RS700 Association Membership?
Your answer
Anything Else?
Any other issues you want to share with the RS700 Class Association Committee?
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