A S'more Fun Opening Day

Help your kid’s ski dreams come true by thinking outside the graham cracker and creating a truly unique s’more.

One kiddo will get to kick off the 19/20 winter season at Northstar California when they press the start button on the gondola. They’ll also get first chair, be featured in the Opening Day video, win a GoPro, and end the day watching everyone enjoy their s’more creation throughout The Village!

Entering to win is simple: Create a s'more recipe that rivals all other s'more recipes. Think outside the graham cracker, do something incredible, create something tasty. Creativity in presentation and ingredients is encouraged, but just make sure it still has the main s'more flavors. See below for visual inspiration.

Contest Rules:
-Skiers and Snowboarders between the ages 6-12 are eligible to enter.
-The winning child and their parent or guardian MUST be available to attend Northstar California opening day on Friday, Nov 22, 2019 from 7:30am-10am
- S'more entries should be creative, but not be extravagant to the point that our food and beverage team will not be able to recreate them on Opening Day.
- Entries must be received by 11:59pm PST on November 10th.
- The winner agrees to appear in Northstar's Opening Day video and to be featured online and in social media posts.

*Winners chosen by an internal committee of s'more lovers.
Think outside the crackers and get creative with your creation!
mmmmm Tasty! this is definitely a creative s'more.
A traditional look with a tasty twist!
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