Declaration of Palestinian Civil Society Organizations’ Position on the American Peace Plan, So-called “Deal of the Century" 2020
Declaration of Palestinian Civil Society Organisations’ Position on the American Peace Plan, So-called “Deal of the Century" 2020

Invited by the international platform of NGOs working for Palestine (ipalestine) - London

February 18, 2020

On January 28, 2020, the world has witnessed a black day in the history of justice and international human rights conventions, as the American administration announced its peace plan for Israeli-Palestinian to resolve conflict , the known as "Deal of the Century", This plan and its vision have undermined the foundations of international law and predominated the logic of power since it is formulated with a colonial and patron language, as set by the American-Israeli far-right party for annihilation of the Palestinian cause in a shameful historical context. The plan’s content is just a modern American paraphrasing of the Balfour Declaration to loot Palestinian rights following the same manner.

This signed document carries the position and stance of Palestinian civil society organisations and institutions working for the Palestinian people everywhere it is present either in Palestine or diaspora (West Bank, Gaza Strip, Occupied Interior 48, Occupied Jerusalem, the Palestinian Diaspora) and all international institutions supporting the aspirations of the Palestinian people for getting their basic rights and defending their cause particularly towards the (American plan to annihilate the Palestinian cause),known as "Deal of the Century"
The pre-taken step by the American administration in relation to the Palestinian case before announcing the "Trump-Netanyahu" deal are embodiment of the deal on ground, starting with the US President's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the United States embassy to Jerusalem. Also the decisions of de-illegalizing the settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, cutting funds of UNRWA, and closing the office of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Washington. Furthermore, the details of the announced deal is a new old conspiracy to put down the entire Palestinian case; a malicious attempt to write off the just and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is their right of self-determination, return, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in occupied Jerusalem.

Palestinian Civil Society Organizations and international institutions working for Palestine affirm that the decisions of the so-called American peace plan or deal of the century or the final solution agreement, which was announced by US President Donald Trump at a press conference held in the White House accompanied by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “On the twenty-eighth of January 2020, are rejected whole and in detail.
The signing Civil Society Organizations below announce their support and lining up with the rights of the Palestinian people, the legitimacy and fairness of their cause, asserting the national consensus among all categories of the Palestinian people and their influential political entities, and refusing to deal with any of plan’s details and results on the ground mobilizing all potentials and resources of organizations, unions, and any existing community structures to support the resilience and steadfastness of the Palestinian people.
Also, Civil Society Organizations affirm that they stand in the face of any normalization acts that are characterized as being supportive, bolstering, or subsidizing this plan that aims to annihilate the Palestinian case. The rejection starts from organizations as we will neither respond nor deal with any Arab or international organization that will adopt the deal principles and outcomes.

The document calls on all Civil Society Organizations for the necessity of conducting an urgent national meeting that involves all categories of the Palestinian people, its institutions, unions, federations, and parties, either political, governmental, and other societal entities, in order to put sufficient pressures on the international community to reject such decisions and work to find a real form of resolution that enables the Palestinian people in obtaining their guaranteed rights in accordance with the international legitimacy laws and decisions, and to come up with a unified national position based on shared and agreed- upon vision between all the Palestinian parties, in order to achieve the Palestinian people aims and retrieve their usurped rights.

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