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The Coalition to Cancel the ShotSpotter Contract is gathering first-hand stories and testimonials from Chicago community members about how ShotSpotter has affected their families, neighborhoods, and communities. These stories and qualitative data are just as important as the facts and figures that show how harmful and ineffective CPD's use of ShotSpotter technology is. ShotSpotter targets communities of color, creates dangerous situations, is not worth the $30 million the city has spent on the technology, and does not reduce gun violence. Our hope is that these community stories will help center and connect impacted community members and strengthen the call the end the ShotSpotter contract with the Chicago Police Department.

About ShotSpotter: ShotSpotter is an audio surveillance system used by the Chicago Police that is meant to detect the sound and location of gunshots. It is a network of audio sensors that blanket 117 square miles of the city with approximately 15 to 20 microphones per square mile. ShotSpotter is only deployed in the 12 police districts with the largest Black and Latinx populations. ShotSpotter’s surveillance footprint covers 80% of the city’s Black residents and 63% of the city’s Latinx residents. Chicago paid approximately $10 million a year for ShotSpotter over the past three years. The city spent untold millions more on the time spent by police officers chasing down unfounded ShotSpotter alerts. The contract expires August 19, 2021, but the city has an option to extend for two years, or for a shorter 181-day period.

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People sometimes are stopped and accosted by police because of ShotSpotter without knowing it was ShotSpotter that sent police out. In a typical ShotSpotter incident, police respond to the ShotSpotter alerts by suddenly descending on a particular spot, often with multiple squad cars, and then aggressively treating anyone in the area as if they were a threat, sometimes with guns unholstered. If you or someone you know had this kind of experience they may have been a victim of ShotSpotter without realizing it. We are interested in those testimonials too and can help figure out whether ShotSpotter was behind it.
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