RIC Congregational Brief Survey
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Reconciling in Christ
A Reconciling in Christ congregation is a congregation that has adopted a Welcoming Statement that specifically includes members of the LGBTQ community.
How do you feel, right now, about Agnus Dei becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation? (1=no, 3=I am unsure, 5=yes) *
Very negative. We should not do this.
Very positive. I am an enthusiastic supporter.
From your perspective, what is positive about the process and/or decision?
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What concerns do you have about the process or decision?
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Would you be interested in helping to draft the Welcome Statement? (if yes, please include contact info below)
Would you like a member of the task force to contact you? (if yes, remember to include your name and contact information)
(OPTIONAL) Name and preferred contact information
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Thank you for your feedback from the RIC Task Force
John Barelli, Cindy Beals, Phyllis Brandt, Tamara Jackson, Ghita Lorenz, Salli Middleton, Ashley Ortenzo
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