Dear parents + guardians, let's share.
We are asking for family insight relating to children (K-12).

🧠 In past missions, we've worked together to share perspective, insight + ideas.
⛑ With rampant misinformation on social media channels about children + COVID-19, we'd like to hear your stories of how you're keeping your children safe, the precautions you're taking, how you're talking with children + what you hear from other parents of school-age children.
📓 We will collect and circulate your stories + words of wisdom.

Let's work together to keep families safe.

Add your email below so our Ambassador Community Manager, Stefanie, can send you a thank you for your continued support!
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🧠 Grab a coffee or tea + let's take the next 5-10 minutes to share... from parents for parents.
ğŸ’ž Ambassador Stories: How are you helping keep your children safe? What precautions are you taking?
💬 Other Parents: What concerns are you hearing from other parents of school-age children?
Misinformation: To what degree are you hearing + seeing misinformation relating to school-aged children.
I'm not seeing any misinformation
I'm seeing a lot of misinformation
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💬 Nurturing: How are you talking with your children to help them understand COVID-19? Are there resources you've found to be most helpful? We thank you for any insight you can provide!
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