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Ready to reach Your Best Body?

Let’s get started! The nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle the 52-day Best Body Countdown begins January 22 (“Day 52”), and wraps up with Your Best Body on March 15. (Final Weigh in on March 12)

The challenges of this 52-day Best Body Countdown are strategically designed to help you reach Your Best Body, regardless of your starting fitness level or weight. The interactive materials you’ll receive will guide you step-by-step to Your Best Body over 52 days, providing you with daily strategies, resources, and recipes so that you can feel and see results along the way.

The Kick Off will be Thursday, January 17 from 6pm to 7pm. During the Kick Off, you will be scheduling a fitness assessment that includes your privately recorded body weight and measurements, a "before photo" and a plank time assessment. If you cannot make it to the Kick Off, contact us at biggestloser@everbodys.com .

By the end of the Best Body Countdown, you’ll have a pantry and a medical profile that look as different from 52 days ago as you do in your jeans. Not only will you wrap up the Countdown having reached Your Best Body, you will have built the foundation to maintain the new you forever – without looking back! The BEST You: inside and out - lifelong strong! 

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Total program cost is $65 for members and $150 for guests (includes a 7 week membership). Make only two selections among these options. Each package includes the support of the Everbody's Fitness Coaches, weekly Biggest Loser exclusive workouts, Best Body Club (private Facebook group support), a daily email from Sohailla, "Don't Quit" chats, and daily text reminders if you opt in, weekly prize drawing, as well as weekly weigh ins for accountability . Choose 2 to include in your package. All options are on display at the gym for you to check out!
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