2019 Winston Equipment Grant Application
The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) and Winston Foodservice are committed to school foodservice. Now in its ninth year, the Winston Foodservice Equipment Grant program will award equipment to one (1) school district in need of improving its school meal kitchen facilities through a competitive grant process.
Equipment received from this award will consist of 10 pieces of equipment from Winston Foodservice, which includes:
holding cabinets
holding drawers

Winston Foodservice will work closely with the grant winner to determine its needs and help make final selections as well as arrange delivery of the equipment to the district.

Seeing is believing! This year we have simplified the Winston Grant Application to allow you to tell your story as to why your district should receive the award of 10 pieces of equipment! To apply,
1. Complete this short survey with basic information about your district.
2. Create a video to ‘show’ us your story. The video should:

• Be no longer than 2 minutes in length; maximum 3 separate videos
• Make sure you say your name, your title, school district, state
• Show us your challenge & how this equipment will help you address that challenge
• What are your goals? (ex. more scratch, increase participation, expand program(s))
• A visual tour of your kitchen to give us an idea of your current equipment
• Videos can be recorded on a mobile device – iPhone, Google Phone, etc!

Save your video and send it to us via Drop Box.
o Open a free Dropbox account at www.Dropbox.com;
o Place video in your Dropbox folder, and label it with your school district name and school state;
o In your Dropbox account, right click on the video you want to send to SNF, and then left click on “share link;”
o Enter SCHOLARSHIPS@schoolnutrition.org in the email address line; In the message box, be sure to include your name, school district name, city, and state;
o Select “Send.”

1. Invite your team/staff to participate—anyone who can help you tell your story
2. VISUAL IMPACT—We want to see your current equipment & work space
3. Clearly express new Winston equipment will make a difference—BE SPECIFIC
4. Photo or short video of a menu item you hope to improve
5. Be creative!

Don’t want to send a video? You can include a short essay in your survey response and then tell us your story with photos. You can upload your photos to one folder and share the entire folder with us via Drop Box.


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If you do not submit a video, please share a short-story essay to give us an understanding of why you need this equipment and how this equipment will benefit your programs. Please note - if you choose not to create a video, you must send photos of your current equipment and kitchens in order for your application to be considered complete.
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