Key takeaways (SEED Day 1)
Program of the Symposium Day 1
- “Open Science is just science done right!” (Dr. Jonathan Tennant)
- “How Economics Shapes Science.” (prof. Paula Stephan)
- “The Structure of Academia and its Implications for Blockchains” (Dr. Michael Hill)
- Research data management (Dr Malin Ziehmer)
- “Blockchain and Patents” (Dany Vogel)
- “Intro to blockchain” (Dr. Sebastian Bürgel)
- “The data problem – a technical overview” (Andrew Kessler)
- Blockchain for Science (Dr. Soenke Bartling)
- Blockchain for peer review (Dr. Joris van Rossum)
- “Smart contract for research funding” (Lambert Heller)
- Blockchain-secured contributions to the science ecosystem (prof. Lawrence Rajendran)
- “ a national research data management service for the Swiss scientific community” (Dr. Henry Luetcke)
- “Health data tokenization is the key towards a sustainable future of health” (Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard)
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