NorthFin India Reseller Understanding
Database of Dealers + Terms and Conditions
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1. Prices, Stock Lists and Quotes are Confidential and a property of Fortuna Associates. It should not be shared/broadcasted. Dealers and Distributors must adhere to the mentioned priced slabs, even if reselling to sub-dealers. Also, sub dealers/retailers must fill up this form and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
2. MRP of products are to be adhered to while promoting NorthFin products and broadcasting their prices.
3. A maximum of 10% discount on MRP can be given (privately) to regular buyers, enthusiasts or general customers to make the sale. However, if you need to promote the product on your own website, Facebook network and Whatsapp network, you must display MRP. Undercutting below this permitted level is strictly prohibited and may lead to cancellation of Authorised Dealer status along with a mention on our media channels regarding the termination of Dealer status.
4. Retail sales through online channels such as Amazon and Flipkart is not allowed as it is sufficiently tended to by NorthFin India. However, selling through your own e commerce portal is allowed and we will provide you with sufficient content for the same.
5. Retailers or Sellers are listed as recognised dealers of NorthFin on NorthFin Indias official website and facebook page only if the dealers are able to produce photos of NorthFin stocked in their shop/outlet and provide a google verified location. A physical location for pick up is a must. If complaints are received against authorised dealers for not entertaining pick up at the mentioned location, dealership status may be cancelled along with a mention on our media channels regarding the termination of Dealer status.
6. Payment in Advance. Via NEFT/RTGS/Cash/Card (2% Additional fee on cards). Orders placed are mostly shipped on the same day or next business day. Shipping charges are additional.
7. Content shared by NorthFin India must actively be shared by dealers to their customers on their Whatsapp and Facebook networks. This will ensure that end users are well aware and often reminded of the legitimate resellers of NorthFin in India
8. Repacking of NorthFin Fish Food, Duplication of Brand and Packaging, removal of Stickers / MRP Labels / Importer details / helpline numbers etc. is an offence and will be dealt with strictly and legally along with Notification of such instances on NorthFin Indias Website, Facebook page and Leading Newspapers.
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