PE Support in National Schools Across Ireland
Getting a clearer picture of the support available to teachers in helping children develop fitness skills and physical literacy
How many pupils are in your school? *
Does your school have a separate PE hall? *
Do you feel your school is adequately equipped with fitness and sport equipment? *
Is there time in your schedule for daily activity? *
If yes, how much?
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Does your school implement policies to increase daily activity? *
Does your school have the Active Flag? *
As a teacher, do you feel your PE plans open children up to a variety of skills and fitness challenges?
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Do your PE sessions gear more towards formal sports than general physical literacy skills? *
Do you find it hard to engage less-sporty pupils in PE? *
Does your school work from a curriculum that is planned for the whole school or does each teacher devise their own? *
Do you feel the PE curriculum guidelines you are given from the department support you adequately when developing your class plans? *
What strand do you find most difficult to cover? *
Do dance and gymnastics get as equal an amount of time as athletics and sport in your school? *
As a teacher, do you feel adequately trained when it comes to teaching PE as a subject? *
As a teacher, is it difficult to think of ways to make PE fun and engaging? *
Does your school bring in outsider providers to cover sporting activities?
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If yes, which answer is most accurate for you.? *
In what form would you prefer PE support for your school *
Does your school have access to annual funding for sports or do you rely on fundraising?
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What are your thoughts on the lack of activity in youths today? *
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