Mississinawa Valley Use of School Facilities
Rental Fees:
No Charge - Jackson Gym, Cafetorium, Kitchen (must have food service personnel present), and classroom.
$75 per event - Central Office Building and Nest
$100 per event - Baseball, Softball, and Football Fields

Building Supervision:
Organizations using the requested facility outside of regular custodial work hours must have either 1.) a school employee, who is a member of the organization, responsible for the building; this would be a non-paid basis, or 2.) a custodian must be obtained and paid by the organization on an overtime basis to open, be present, clean as needed, and lock the building; the organization would be billed for this service.

Provisions of Contract:
The organization renting the facility shall:
1. Vacate the building by 10:45 pm during the regular school day and by 11:30 pm on the weekends.
2. Consider the contract cancelled if scheduled when the school is cancelled for the day.
3. Be responsible for any damage to the building.
4. Pay the rental fee three (3) days in advance to the Treasurer, Mississinawa Valley Local Schools.
5. Comply with fire regulations, and the no smoking policy of the building.
6. Be responsible for assisting the custodian/school employee in cleaning the are used.
7. Consider the contract void if a school activity needs to be scheduled or re-scheduled.
8. Use of any facility of Sunday or after 6:00 pm on Wednesdays must be approved by the Mississinawa Valley Board of Education.
9. Community Groups and organizations within the Mississinawa Valley School District may use the facilities free of charge except for basketball games, practices, dances, etc... Building security, however, may be necessary (refer to above building supervision section).
10. Non-Community groups and organizations not based withing Mississinawa Valley School District may not be considered for using the school facilities, unless approved by the Mississinawa Valley School Board of Education.
11. All organizations requesting use of facilities will have to wait to be approved by building principal and superintendent.

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