2019 IndepenDANCE Choreographer Application
Thank you for applying to be a part of the 2019 IndepenDANCE Community Dance Project performance!

To help us with show production, we ask that you please submit one form for each dance you would like to choreograph for the 2019 show. It is in your best interest to present clear and well-developed ideas. Please answer each question to the best of your ability, and feel free to contact us at independance.danceproject@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

If selected, we understand that certain items will develop and evolve as you go along. If you wish to make a major change in concept, genre, style, or theme, you must first inform the committee and receive approval for the new changes.

*Depending on submissions received, time length, solos, duets, and trios may be limited.

Important Dates (Mandatory):
Choreographer Meeting: 4/28 @4:00pm OR 5/1 @5:30pm
Staging Rehearsal: 8/18 - time slots TBD
Tech Rehearsals: 9/5 and 9/6 - time slots TBD
Dress Rehearsal: 9/6 evening
Show: 9/7/19 at The Ellen Theatre - Matinee & Evening Performances anticipated


Choreographer Name (s): *
Please enter the first & last name(s) of the choreographer(s) for the piece.
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Contact Email: *
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Contact Phone Number: *
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I certify that I and all of my co-choreographers (if applicable) are at least 18 years of age. *
I certify this piece submission is an original work that has not been performed prior to the show. *
Please enter the title of your piece; if untitled, please leave blank.
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Number of Dancers: *
Please include the total number of dancers needed to perform your piece.
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Costumes and Props: *
What type of costumes do you envision on stage? Will you be using props?
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Music: *
Please include the song title, artist, and a brief description of the music. Note if you plan to use live music and if you have sound effects other than recorded music that will need attention from the sound tech (i.e., tap shoes).
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Lyrics: *
Provide a web link to your song lyrics. Alternatively, email them to independance.danceproject@gmail.com.
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Time Length: *
Please include the approximate stage time for your piece.
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Style: *
Please include all styles of dance that will be featured in your piece (i.e. tap, jazz, lyrical).
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Vision/Concept/Mood: *
What is the overall theme, aura, or experience of your piece?
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Auditions: *
We will be holding open auditions on Sunday, May 5, 2019. If you can take dancers from these auditions for your piece, please include how many you will need below. If you do not require any audition dancers, please state "N/A."
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Rehearsal Location: *
Where do you plan on holding rehearsals? Choreographers must arrange a practice space for their dancers and are responsible for rental fees that may apply.
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Costume and Rehearsal Fees: *
How much do you intend to charge dancers for A) Costumes and B) Rehearsal Space? *You must disclose all fees to your dancers prior to final dancer selection. (We advise aiming slightly higher than you anticipate to have flexibility as things progress.) FEES MAY NOT PROFIT INDIVIDUALS BEYOND THE COST OF COSTUMES OR SPACE RENTAL. FEES MAY NOT BE AFFILIATED WITH OTHER BUSINESS VENTURES, CLASSES, LESSONS, OR PROGRAMS.
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Additional Comments
Please enter any additional information we need to know about your piece.
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