Hong Kong Community Skateboarding Survey | 香港滑板社區問卷
As skateboarding has grown in popularity in Hong Kong, it has also become clear that skateboarders lack proper spaces to practice, thus skateboarders have turned to recently upgraded public spaces like the Wan Chai Waterfront, Belcher Bay Promenade, and the East Coast Park Precinct.  As the Hong Kong Harbourfront Commission is currently considering how to better accommodate / manage skateboarding, with the potential for a new park to be built, we would like to better understand the community's needs.  Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Island in particular has long lacked adequate spaces for young people to play along the waterfront, and given the growing interest in sports like skateboarding, roller blading, and cycling, there is an opportunity to push for better representation in the design of new spaces in this treasured part of the city.  

If you consider yourself a skateboarder, or have interest in it, please fill out this short survey.  This survey is not a government initiative, and Designing Hong Kong is not affiliated with the Hong Kong government.  However, we believe undertaking an effort to better understand this growing demographic will help Designing Hong Kong push for more active spaces along the waterfront.  We thank you for your time.

About Designing Hong Kong

Designing Hong Kong Limited is a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting sustainability, quality of life and good design as core values in planning, development and governance. Its aim is to increase public awareness and to improve Hong Kong’s collective ability to plan and deliver a ‘beautiful’ city. It promotes collaborations on interventions wherever it sees bad planning and wherever it sees that policies or institutions are not working the way they should.
創建香港Designing Hong Kong是一所致力推動可持續發展、優質生活及美好設計作為規劃、發展及管治核心的非牟利機構。希望透過提昇公眾意識,集思廣益,共同規劃及建設宜居和「美麗」的城市。創建香港會以合作模式,為有問題的規劃及不善的政策謀出路。  
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Demographics | 受訪者資料
"What is your age range?  您的年齡?" *
What is your gender?  您的性別? *
Which part of Hong Kong do you live in?  您居住在香港哪一區? *
"How would you describe your skateboarding skill level?  您的滑板水平?" *
About Skateboarding in Hong Kong  |  針對香港滑板的情況
What kind of skateboarder would you classify yourself as?   您屬於哪一類型的滑手?
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How often do you skateboard?您一星期玩幾次滑板?
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Where do you usually skateboard? 您平時在哪裡玩滑板?
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If you skate at skateparks, which skateparks in Hong Kong do you usually go to? 如果您在滑板場玩滑板,你平時在香港的哪些滑板場玩?(多選)
Why do you skateboard?  您為什麼玩滑板?
What are some issues facing the skateboarding community in Hong Kong right now?  香港滑板社會現在面臨哪些問題?
Considering Future Skate Parks 針對未來滑板場
Please select 5 features you'd wish to see in a new park 請選擇5個你最希望新板場會有的滑板地形
Do you have anything else you wish to share about skateboarding in Hong Kong? 您對香港滑板情況還有意見想要分享的嗎?
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