Puppy Raiser Application
Puppy Raising Commitment

60 minute service dog class (training studio,(Newtown, Bucks County) once a week, weekday, daytime hours. This is a mandatory class for all service dogs in training (SDIT) and puppy raisers.

60 minute recess class (training studio, Newtown, Bucks County) Saturday morning, at least one mandatory attendance per month.

Optional Friday morning class (60 minute)
This class will focus on areas you and/or your dog may need extra training help with. It will either be at the training studio or a field trip in the surrounding area of Bucks County.

Field trips with other puppy raisers and Director of training, once per month (this will normally be in place of your weekly required class but on occasion will be in addition).
Locations will be various different places in the Greater Philadelphia area and Bucks County.

Vet visits.
You will be required to take your puppy to all vet visits. Routine examinations/shots will be organized before or after weekly service dog class as the office is right beside our training studio.

Parades Alpha Bravo Canine walk in every year that all dogs are required to participate in.
November    Philadelphia Veterans Day Parade                              (weekend day)
December    Yardley Christmas Parade.             (weekend day)
May              Memorial Day Parade (Memorial Day,                         Monday)

Fundraising events/informational events.
Alpha Bravo Canine is invited to or is attending different events throughout the year. A certain number of dogs and puppy raisers will be required at each event (mostly evenings and weekends). There may be occasion to require mandatory attendance for all dogs at certain events when it is of high importance for the organization.
It is strongly recommended that you try to attend as many events as possible as they provide invaluable environments for your service dog in training that they may not otherwise be able to experience.

There is NO cost to puppy raisers for food, medical or supplies.  Your only requirement is training and we take care of the rest.
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THANK YOU for your interest in Alpha Bravo Canine®.
You will be contacted regarding an interview to determine the feasibility of placement of a dog in your home and the availability of a dog for placement.
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