Church of Saint Francis Xavier - RCIY 2023/2024: Inquirer Information Form (15 - 23 Years Old)
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1) Date of Baptism 
2) Name of Church in which you were baptised
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Will you be able to commit to this process every Sunday 10.15am to 12.30pm at SFX Church, from 2nd July 2023 to Pentecost in May 2024. *
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Important: Compliance with Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data
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(a) The collection, storage, retention, adaptation, modification, reading, retrieval, use, transmission, blocking, erasure or destruction (“Processing”) of the personal data provided by me in this Form (“Personal Data”);

(b) The church entity processing my Personal Data for the purpose of my registration for this programme by the church entity.

(c) SFX taking photos, videos or audio recordings which may contain my image/audio and may be used for archival purposes, on SFX's website, publications and for publicity purposes.
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