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We're honored that you're interested in joining our Creative Mastermind Business Building group to help you take your creative business to new levels. Our Mastermind is a strong community of creative women; we serve crafters, artists, painters, and beyond. These women are working on hard to build their social following and take their talents and create multiple streams of revenue. We love being by their side and giving them the tools they need to succeed!

What is offered each month inside the Mastermind for $57 a month:

*Monthly Group Coaching Sessions (grouped by time zones and by level in business)
*Masterclass Training's by Industry Leaders
*30 Curated Engagement Posts for your Social Platforms (we give you content to free up your time to work on your business).
*Community Support & Idea Cultivation
*Monthly Co-working, Tech Help Sessions & Think Tank Sessions to help zone in on your ideas and fix what's holding you up!
*Access to our Database with over 100 tutorials on Etsy, Shopify, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.

What qualifications do you need to have to join?

You need to have an established business or a hobby that generates income and you are wanting to take that business to new levels. You need to have at least one established social profile (ideally FB or IG). You need to be willing to participate in the community by collaborating with members, showing up in coaching sessions (they are various times through the month to accommodate all schedules), and doing the work and we will do our jobs and hold you accountable.
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What are 3 things that you need to improve on to get to the next level? What is that level for you?
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After you submit this form, we will be reaching out to you via email to schedule a 15-30 minute zoom consultation call with you. These calls are vital to make sure that we are a good fit for you and your business. Once accepted into the Mastermind you will have 48 hours to complete your registration. After you have registered you will be added to the Facebook Group and have full access to our online training database and content. Do you understand?
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