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We have set aside three sessions during the World Conference on Research Integrity for interested participants to discuss and design an agenda (the Amsterdam Agenda) for assessing the effectiveness of what are seen as the most important ways to promote integrity in research.

We feel the time for discussion could be used most effectively if those attending the Focus Groups came prepared with specific suggestions for one or more assessments that could be undertaken.

If you would like to send ideas for discussion in advance, please complete the following survey.

Objective: Identify a specific aspect of RI that needs improvement
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Action: Propose step(s) that could improve that aspect of RI (e.g. policy, regulation, funding requirement, training…)
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Assessment: Describe how to measure improvement resulting from the step(s)
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Resources: Identify the resources (e.g. financial, human) that would be needed to conduct that assessment
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Staffing: Identify who should (or can) do the assessment
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Other suggestions for establishing an agenda for assessment
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