The City of Cape Town's Arts and Culture Department is carrying out a survey to find out more about cultural audiences - who they are and why they attend cultural activities - to help create better experiences for you and people like you. Your answers will be kept confidential and will only be used for research purposes.

The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.

1. Select your THREE favourite cultural activities:
2. Select THREE cultural activities that you ATTEND most often:
3. Select ONE cultural activity that you attended recently:
4. Where did it take place?
a. Name of Venue (theatre, café, exhibition space, performance venue, street location etc.)
Your answer
b. Suburb/Area (if known)
Your answer
5. Who did you attend the activity with?
6. How did you hear about this activity? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
7. Which of these describe your motivations for attending this activity? SELECT TOP THREE ONLY
8. How would you rate the quality of the cultural activity?
Very poor
Very good
9.1 How would you rate the whole experience?
Very poor
Very good
9.2 If you selected 'poor' or 'very poor' in 9.1 above, please explain why.
Your answer
10. Rate your experience of the following services:
Not applicable
Access to the venue
Access to parking
Access to disabled facilities
Friendly ushers and staff
Access to ticket sales
11.1 How much did your ticket cost?
Give approximate rand value:
Your answer
11.2 If you paid for your ticket do you think the cost was:
12.1 How much did you spend travelling to and from the activity?
12.2 Did you think your transport cost was:
Very Reasonable
Very Expensive
13. How much did you spend on food and drink?
SECTION 2: About You
To assist us in understanding who our audiences are we would like to know a bit more about you. By answering these questions you can help us make sure we are serving everyone in our community.
14. Are you ... ? SELECT ONE ONLY
15. What is your age today?
Your answer
16. What is your home language?
17. Are you disabled?
If yes please specify your disability:
Your answer
18.1 Do you live in South Africa?
18.2 If you live in South Africa, please tell us:
a. City
Your answer
b. Suburb/Area (if known)
Your answer
18.3 If you live overseas, what is your country of residence?
Your answer
By providing your phone number below we'll enter you into a draw to win tickets to one of Cape Town's premiere cultural events at Artscape, Baxter Theatre, Cape Town Opera, Cape Town Philharmonic, Cape Town City Ballet and Cape Town Jive Funny Festival, among others. Your number will only be used to contact you for this competition.
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