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The full cost of professional membership is $250.
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If you do not have a Welcome to the Profession Intern Packet from AMTA, you can request one here:
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The Committee asks that each award recipient complete their pay-it-forward task(s) and submit a short summary by December 15, 2018. These short summaries are to be emailed to Elizabeth Ferguson & Marissa Scott at: This will help us gather feedback, add new ideas to how other MT-BCs can Pay It Forward in future years, and support the continuation of this new program. Do you agree to this? *
Names of recipients of Pay It Forward grants must be shared with AMTA in NER’s annual 990 report for tax purposes. Do you agree to this? *
NER-AMTA cannot guarantee anonymity after the blind review process is complete and grant decisions are finalized. Do you agree to this? *
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