HathiTrust Information Sessions and Training
In the past, HathiTrust has offered webinars to orient new partners and provide updates on HathiTrust services and initiatives. For our next series, or program, we are considering offering information sessions led by staff throughout the partnership on topics of interest. To begin to plan for these sessions, we would like your feedback on the 4 questions below. Please think both broadly and realistically about session options, your participation in sessions, and the forum in which you would prefer such sessions to be held. We ask for responses to be submitted by September 21, 2012.

We ask for your institutional email address below to verify that you are affiliated with a HathiTrust partner institution. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

* If you are affiliated with a partner institution but would prefer to remain anonymous, you may login to HathiTrust and submit answers via the feedback link in the top right corner of the screen. You can login by clicking "login" from this page: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/mb?a=listcs;colltype=pub. Note that the information we receive about you will be what you see in the upper right portion of the screen after logging in (e.g., either jsmith@institution.edu or member@institution.edu). If your institution is releasing your name or email address to HathiTrust on login your submission will not be anonymous. If you are affiliated with a partner institution but not logged in your answers will not be counted as being from a partner institution.

** If you are not from a partner institution but would like to respond, we value your input and request that you enter "Interested but not a partner" in the Email question below, and your name and/or email address if desired. If there is sufficient interest we will consider offering sessions for non-partners, as we have previously.

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What topics/areas would you be interested in hearing about?
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In what forum would you prefer these topics to be addressed?
Are there sessions that you would like to offer to speak at or coordinate (please specify)?
Do you have any other comments or questions?
Please add any thoughts, questions, elaborations on answers to other questions, or answers to questions we didn't ask.
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