Tell me what help you're looking for...
I would love to collaborate with you!

I am constantly asking people to tell me what they struggle with so that I can create programs that will answer their questions and give them practical strategies out of their problems.

I got so many responses in the first invitation round. It was clear that the majority of folks were looking for programs that can help them

> understand anxiety cycles
> learn how to master the anxious mind
> change their belief systems
> create a structured recovery plan
> find the right kind of therapy
> navigate interpersonal relationships during recovery
> build emotional regulation skills using tools

That is what led to Anxiety Academy and complementary programs (you are welcome to see if these are useful to you as well)

Now, I am asking again.

What kind of support are you looking for?
What are the issues that make you feel like you're in a pit you can't climb out of?

Please be as elaborate as possible because that significantly helps me find find the best strategies, more than I can if you just say "I struggle with thoughts". You are free to ignore putting your anxiety within a box or label.

The most common questions/issues will be made into the next course or coaching masterclass.

Wishing you well!

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