Senior Superlatives 2019-20
Voting is open to St. James High School seniors only. You may vote only once.
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You may vote for the same student in multiple categories, but each student may win only one.
Best All Around Female
Best All Around Male
Most Likely to Help Others Female
Most Likely to Help Others Male
Most Spirited Female
Most Spirited Male
Most Athletic Female
Most Athletic Male
Most Artistic Female
Most Artistic Male
Most Unique Female
Most Unique Male
Most Likely to be Famous Female
Most Likely to be Famous Male
Most Likely to Succeed Female
Most Likely to Succeed Male
Most Likely to be Late/Procrastinate Female
Most Likely to be Late/Procrastinate Male
Friendliest Female
Friendliest Male
Most Talkative Female
Most Talkative Male
Best Laugh Female
Best Laugh Male
Best Smile Female
Best Smile Male
Best Hair Female
Best Hair Male
Best Eyes Female
Best Eyes Male
Best Dressed Female
Best Dressed Male
Biggest Flirt Female
Biggest Flirt Male
Class Clown Female
Class Clown Male
Best Nickname Female
Best Nickname Male
Most Yee Yee! Female
Most Yee Yee! Male
Most Changed Female (Since Freshman Year)
Most Changed Male (Since Freshman Year)
Worst Case of Senioritis Female
Worst Case of Senioritis Male
Biggest Animal Lover Female
Biggest Animal Lover Male
Social Media/TikTok Star Female
Social Media/TikTok Star Male
Best Car Female
Best Car Male
Most Adventurous Female
Most Adventurous Male
Preppiest Female
Preppiest Male
Cutest Couple
Include two names for this entry.
Friends Forever (Females)
Include two female names for this entry.
Best Bromance (Males)
Include two male names for this entry.
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