AfshaRex Online Transfer Form
Important Notice:

$20 fee will apply to transactions less than 500 AUD.
$10 fee will apply to transactions 500 to 1,000 AUD.
10% cancellation fee will be applied.

Please note that after we received you money in our account (Australia to Iran) takes two business days for the funding to appear on the destination account in Iran. for transfer from Iran to Australia please ask when you receive the your money.

Rate of your transfer will be calculated or fixed at the time of your online deposit to our account.

After you fill out and submit the form, please send a copy of your Australian driving licence and passport to, then wait to receive a text message or email from us about our bank account or next steps and availability before the order is completed.

Please don't transfer any money into our account without prior notice. AfshaRex doesn't have responsibility about any unannounced transactions.

If you would like faster service after fill up the form (receive our bank account details, update rate) or any other question please contact us at 0405303041 or or .

You agree AfshaRex ( can meet its obligation to report the transaction to AUSTRAC.
List of all businesses registered with AUSTRAC called the Remittance Sector Register can be located via the

If you accept our terms and condition please fill the form and wait for our bank account.
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