Mapping the lost rainforests of Britain
Fragments of temperate rainforest cling on in Britain today. Can you help me locate them?
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Tweet me your photos of temperate rainforests: @guyshrubsole. Thanks for your help!
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1) Whereabouts is the temperate rainforest you've found? Please provide the name of the wood or area. *
2) Whereabouts exactly is the temperate rainforest you've found? Please provide a postcode, grid reference or long-lat location. *
3) Can you see polypody ferns growing on the branches of trees in this location, one indicator of temperate rainforest in Britain? *
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4) To help verify if you've found a fragment of temperate rainforest, a photo would really help! Will you send me a photo via Twitter (tweet me @guyshrubsole)? (Please enter your Twitter handle in Q5 below, or an email, so we can be in contact) *
5) If you're happy to be in contact with me over email about temperate rainforests and details of the site you've found, please leave your email or Twitter handle here! -
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