Color Belt/Point Testing Application
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Only students who have received a Testing Ticket in class by WT instructors are eligible for testing.
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All of the scheduled belt testing dates for the semester is listed on the bottom of the class schedule sheet. Use the drop-down list below to see which dates are scheduled for our current semester. If you plan on doing a make-up test after being granted permission by one of our Masters, you can write down the agreed upon testing date on the comments section at the end of this form.
Application Number and Testing Ticket Example
Please Enter Your Application Number *
Students will receive a testing ticket in class from our instructors once students have met the testing requirements. The testing ticket can be submitted in exchange for a testing application at the WTMAC front desk which can be filled out and submitted directly to one of our front desk employees. If, however, you would like to submit this online testing registration form instead of the physical form, you must enter your application number written on the top left corner of your testing application. If you have lost your application #, please contact us at 847-279-2780 during our business hours.
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