Quick Health Check Survey
Hi! We're actively seeking feedback for a Labs project that will turn into a living, breathing app. And the better said app is, the more healthy and happy you'll be... win/win! Please answer these questions honestly so we can do the best job possible.
What is your name?
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Are there any unhealthy habits that you aspire to change?
If so, what habit do you want to change the most?
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Are there any healthy activities you legitimately enjoy?
Which habit do you love the most?
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Are there any activities that help you unwind or de-stress at the end of a hectic day?
If so, please explain what they are and why you feel they make such a significant impact.
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Which of the following activities make you feel mentally exhausted?
Which area of health do you want to improve the most?
Do you feel like you have time for anything that doesn't involve Lambda School?
Either way, how do you feel about that situation?
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