QTL Summer Institute Evaluation Form

To be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Quality Teaching and Learning Summer Institute.


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    Program Evaluation

    Discuss and examine benefits for strengthening teacher candidates’ knowledge and regular use of core teaching practices.
    Explore what types of deeper learning are being required of students related to Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
    Observe and discuss research-based core teaching practices common across content areas as well as those that are unique to a discipline.
    Discuss appropriate differentiation strategies for core practices to meet diverse learning needs.
    Share and discuss various pedagogical models that have potential for both clinical experiences as well as university-based learning time.
    Consider how culturally responsive pedagogy and practice impacts student outcomes.
    Develop plans for strengthening the teaching of core practices within respective programs.
    Learn more about initiatives, state projects, and resources available that support the preparation of educators.
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    Enacted Teaching and Debriefing
    Team Planning and Discussion 
    Informational Seminars and Panels (Monday and Wednesday pm, Friday am)
    STEM field trips
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