Streaming Video Request
Faculty: Please use this form to request that a video in the Bertrand Library collection be digitized for streaming via our Kaltura video service. Please expect it may take one to two weeks to make your video available in your moodle course.

(If the video is not already in the Bertrand Library collection, you should first request that the video be acquired via this url:

We want to make sure that we are digitizing the correct video, and in the format that you desire. Please answer all relevant questions below.

Once we have captured the video, we will return the DVD to the collection, so that it is available for others to check out.

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Show Date:
What date will you start using this video in class?
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ex: SOCI100-01
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Some videos have audio tracks in multiple languages; often created in one language and dubbed in another language. If you would like the audio track to be something other than English, please indicate the preferred language here.
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Some videos include optional subititles in one or more languages. If you would like subtitles, including English subtitles, please indicate the language here.
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Complete Video?
Some videos come in chapters, episodes, or parts. If you would like separate videos for these, let us know.
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