Anti-Bias Judge Training
Welcome to the NCFL Anti-Bias Judge Training!

This quick training is designed to help you identify potential implicit biases which may impact your judging at the tournament. Implicit biases are pervasive and everyone has them, even people with avowed commitments to impartiality, like judges.  The goal of this training is to help judges improve as adjudicators of debate and competitive speaking, as well as provide a positive and equitable experience for all students.

In the sections to follow, you will be asked to evaluate a series of comments judges have placed on student ballots before.  After reviewing those comments, the next page will explain which comments are productive and which comments you should avoid making as a judge.

This full training is intended to take 15 minutes.  Thank you for fully and authentically engaging in our anti-bias judge training.

(The NCFL would like to thank the fantastic coaches in Colorado who shared this vital and important document with us.  Several parts are directly copied from their original document.)
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