The Famous Forest Gate T-Shirt
You might recognise a certain misquote from "Life of Brian", but you don't have to be a Python fan to wear this shirt. I was born in this area and I've tried my best to represent the eclectic, changing mix of the place: from beloved attractions to buried gems, from the old guard to hipster hubs, from nature to art. I quickly realised that not everything will fit on a T-shirt. This is not an attempted "best of", but a snapshot of this place here and now.
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The shirts are produced by Rapanui, an ethical, sustainable producer. This particular line is organic too. Their printed shirts cost £20 on their site, but I am charging £12 because I want people to wear them. There is a unisex style and a women's style, in a range of sizes. They are high quality screen-printed cotton with a classy-but-friendly deep blue design on a subtle blue/white gradient backdrop. They'll be arriving at the end of April.

Express your interest here, and I'll get back to you swiftly and organise delivery. If you want a larger order than the form can handle, or if you make a mistake, don't worry. There'll be a box at the end to write extra details in. Or you can just contact me on Facebook or by email.

Lia Rees

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