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My Alumni Lovelies! For our INformance in the evening of May 13, 2019, I'd love to do an alumni dance! First, I'd love to see you all again! Second, you know you want to dance again! Third, I want MDT to feel important, loved, and that you matter no matter who you are, where you're at, or what life has happened to you!

What this entails:
REHEARSALS: I'm guessing we'd need 5-6 shorter or 2-3 longer rehearsals to set the piece and practice. I'm also planning to video a lot, but like I said, one of the purposes is to be with you all again and if you remember my process, it will take your ideas to get us going!
DRESS REHEARSAL: Monday, May 13 at 1:30 until we are done, in the small gym.
Optional BANQUET: before our show on Monday night, MDT typically does a dinner together. I'd love to include all of you. We do have a couple options for that to work: pizza I can provide and we pot-luck sides OR if you're willing to pay $10/each then I can cater a meal that will include something like bread, salad, potatoes, and chicken plus a treat.
PERFORMANCE: May 13; be here by 6:15 if you don't do dinner and are here already. Performance begins at 7:00 in the small gym and it is free!

I need to know interest levels and availability so please fill out this form to help us get started!

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