Hero Trainer 1st Virtual Powerlifting Meet
Please fill out the application below to be invited to the competition. Everyone is encouraged to apply!

The Goal: Break the stigma of gamers being weak, one powerlifting meet at a time.

Event Details:
- July 8th to 15th - Submit videos of different lifts (bench, squat, deadlifts)
- July 17th - all submission videos will be scored live on the official Hero Trainer twitch stream.

- Winners will be invited to join the official Hero Trainer Powerlifting team with customized singlets.
- Prizes for overall winners as well as weight class winners.
- All selected entrants will receive a swag bag.
- All participants will receive a unique in-game Hero Trainer item.
- All applicants will have their videos scored on live on stream, July 17th.

- There is no application or entry fee.
- Application will close when all spots are full.

- Limited Spots:
- Men: 20 experienced lifters, 10 first time lifters
- Women: 20 experienced lifters, 10 first time lifters
- Three weight divisions
- Men: Lightweight (up to 67.5 kg), middleweight (67.5 kg to 100kg), & heavyweight (101 kg+)
- Women: Lightweight (up to 56 kg), middleweight (57kg to 75 kg), & heavyweight (76 kg+)
**Transgendered lifters will be categorized in the sex that they have legally registered themselves as per IOC's recommendations.

Full Rules:
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