Fairy God-Sponsor Interest Form
Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a Fairy God Sponsor! Please be aware that by submitting this form, you are committing to your role as a Fairy God Sponsor for one year upon acceptance! You are an integral part to creating a moment of magic for the children that need it most.

Please read and sign this document before applying to become a Fairy God Sponsor for A Moment of Magic.

Fairy God Sponsors allow everyone to be a part of the magic. 

While our character chapters are catered exclusively for college students, we believe that A Moment of Magic is a home for everyone to help children in their community.

A Fairy God Sponsor is a member of our team, outside of the college community that raises awareness and funding for A Moment of Magic in their area.

Anyone can become a Fairy God Sponsor, whether you decide to do it alone or start a chapter in your community.

You can create your ideal experience.

Do you have tons of hours to donate or are you looking for something to do a couple times a year? 

Either way, we want you to be a part of our team to directly impact the life of a child with cancer. Whether you choose to provide meals or toiletry kits to your local children's hospital, host fundraisers or percentage nights, or collect donations in your area, your acts of kindness will spark pure magic. The way you choose to do so is totally up to you.

-Why join your organization?
If you want to provide hands on service to children with medical vulnerabilities (especially in character), joining A Moment of Magic is the BEST option for several reasons!
We're established! We have been around since 2015 and because of this we have several benefits such as our nonprofit status, long lasting relationships with over 250 nonprofits and hospitals across the country, press coverage by more than 300+ international media outlets, fully developed training materials and resources, direct connections to professionals, high costume quality standards and partners who bring the prices down for us, and a community of over 500+ volunteers. There's nothing like A Moment of Magic!

-How many hours a week do fairy god sponsors spend doing AMOM work?
This is the beauty of the FGS position -- it's totally up to you. We set every Fairy God Sponsor up with a donation campaign upon acceptance with a goal of $500. What you choose to do additionally is totally your own magic!

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