Innovation Dojo Application Fall 2018
The Innovation Dojo is a semester-long student-run initiative designed to challenge students at Brown & RISD to think differently about innovation and entrepreneurship. We aspire to create one of the best student communities of innovators in the world.

We select a cohort of first and second year students to take through the entire entrepreneurial process from ideation to pitching. During each session, we invite an expert speaker to lead a class on that day’s topic. After the presentation, everyone rolls up their sleeves and puts their new knowledge into practice during a curated workshop. Throughout the semester, you will work on an entrepreneurial project of your own choosing, which can range from a deep dive in a problem that interests you to your own startup.

Innovation Dojo has historically been one of members’ best experiences at Brown / RISD. We craft our sessions with the intention of creating a tightly knit community of innovative thinkers, immersing you in College Hill's entrepreneurial community and challenging everything you think you know about innovation. Dojo meets for three hours every Friday afternoon. Although this represents a significant time commitment, you will find your time well spent. You’ll meet fascinating peers, enthusiastic professors, and cutting-edge entrepreneurs; you’ll be exposed to the resources of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship; and last but not least, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

If you want to learn more about Dojo, the application process, or anything else entrepreneurial, come by our info session in the Petteruti Lounge from 1:00-3:00 PM on Saturday, September 15.

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21 BY 11:59PM! If you have previously submitted an application in the past, let us know in the last question on the application, and we will take this into consideration during the selection process.

Just a reminder: This isn't a college application! Be creative and innovative with your responses. We want to see how you differentiate yourself from others in a positive way.

Feel free to email Dojo Grandmaster Mac McCann ( with any questions, and take a look at previous Dojo members in action at our blog:

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