Have you felt pressured to return to work?
While companies like Twitter have now announced indefinite work from home, as states begin easing lockdowns, a growing number of people are concerned about being pushed to return to work. Has your workplace set an official return or reopen date? Whether you work in a restaurant or in an office, how have you reacted to pressure from your workplace to get back to normal? Will you comply? Will you push back?

Tell us your exact situation and how you're dealing with it, and you could potentially be included in an upcoming Refinery29 story.
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Have you been furloughed/laid off? Have you been able to work from home? *
What has your workplace said about returning or reopening? When was their plan announced? *
What safety measures are being implemented so you can return to work? How is social distancing being enforced?
To get to work, would you take a car? Would you take public transit?
Have you expressed concerns about returning to work? Has management responded?
What's your reaction? Will you return to work on the date your company is reopening, or will you refuse?
Have you been receiving unemployment insurance during the pandemic? Has your employer said anything about unemployment eligibility if you don't return to work on their timeline?
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